Oklahoma City-OKThere are professional moving companies in Oklahoma City that can make the transition to your home a pleasant experience rather than a dreadful one. Many people who have had bad moving experiences generally don’t take the time to research the moving company they hire or don’t bother to use one at all. If you know that you will be moving in the near future, consider hiring a moving company to assist you will this endeavor.


10 Tips for New Movers


1. Make sure to provide the moving company with enough notice before you move so that they can properly estimate a quote.
2. Place the label on the side of the box rather than the top so that movers can easily see what is inside of the box.
3. Drain fluids from machinery such as a lawnmower otherwise the moving company will not be able to transport it.
4. Create a legible packing list that includes the value of each item and its model number.
5. Pack heavy items into smaller boxes and lighter items into bigger boxes.
6. If there is furniture that is easier to transport by taking it apart do so, but refer to the owner’s manual before dismantling it.
7. When it’s time to start packing, make sure to do it one room at a time in order to stay more organized.
8. Minimize the workload by either donating items you no longer want or have a use for or by holding a garage sale.
9. Save preparing appliances for a move till one week before the scheduled date of transportation.
10. Pack an overnight bag with a pair of clothes and items to conduct personal hygiene.


How to Ensure Move Day Runs Smoothly

The day of transportation is without a doubt an exciting time. All of your belongings should be in one central location, preferably the largest room in your house. To avoid extra labor fees, keep all of your items on the lower level of the home and close to the front door. If you have a garage, consider parking your vehicle elsewhere so that you can store your goods there.

Provide the moving company with a copy of the packing list and also let them know the route you plan on taking to your destination. Before departing, don’t leave any stones overturned. Make sure to check all of the crawl spaces, cupboards, rooms, and closets for items that may have been left behind.

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