Olathe, KSThere are many moving companies across the country, but Olathe, Kansas has some of the most experienced moving professionals on their staff. They are trained extensively on how to operate moving equipment, how to handle and maneuver objects and how to transport them. Consider hiring a moving company if you want to move quickly and efficiently.


How to Lift Properly

The stress of moving alone is enough to drive anyone to their breaking point, but acquiring an injury during the process will definitely ruin the experience for you. Some of the most common injuries people sustain during a move are back injuries, twisted ankles, pinched fingers, and even broken bones. Before doing any lifting, always make sure that you are wearing the proper clothing and that someone else is around to help.


• Bend at the knees
• Keep your back straight
• Do not twist your back when you are lifting
• Keep the box close to your body
• Never lift anything that is beyond your limits
• Never carry items on your head or your shoulders


Keeping a Clean Work Environment

By the time the movers arrive to your home, everything should be ready for transportation. Make sure to clear your floors of any tripping or slip hazards. Children will often leave toys around so if you have children, make sure they are a safe distance away from the work zone. Make sure to block off parts of your home that you do not want to movers going into.


Be Available for Questions

From the very beginning, your mover will be asking you a lot of questions so that they can meet your specific needs. By giving your moving company as much information as possible you can receive an accurate quote. Your moving professional will also need you to be around on the day of transportation to give directions and answer questions.

If you have any changes in plans, make sure that you notify your moving service immediately. In the moving industry, you can expect there to be delays especially if you are moving during the summer months. Your moving service will not be able to proceed with the job unless the person who signed the contract is available. Provide reliable contact information so your mover can inform you of any changes in their arrival time as well.

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