Overland Park, KSWhen you hire a professional mover in Overland Park to take control of your move, you can rest assured that your possessions are in the right hands. Moving is stressful, but the right moving company can take on the brunt of the labor while you take care of more important affairs. The services a reputable moving company can provide don’t just stop at transporting your household goods.

A moving company in Overland Park can dispatch a team of moving experts to your home and have all of your items packed for you. They also provide unloading services and unpacking services as well. Everything moving experts have in their road-haul equipment is state-of-the-art and make moving much more efficient.


How to Keep Inventory Organized

Before you contact a moving company, make sure you take inventory of the items that you plan on taking with you. Document their condition and their value on an inventory sheet. Once you have your list, make a copy of it to give to the moving company.

Another thing you can do to stay organized is to buy labels. Write down the contents of the box on the label and place it on the side of the box. Avoid placing the label on the top of the box so you can read it easily. Make sure to write in legible print so that movers can take the proper steps in transporting it.

Keep all of your packaged goods in one central location. The best place to store your boxes before ship day is inside of the largest room on the lower level of the house. It is likely that the cost for moving will drop if the moving team doesn’t have to walk long distances to the moving truck or over obstacles like stairs.


Buying Insurance is Essential

A moving service’s standard insurance will more than likely not cover the expenses for your goods. Make sure to purchase full-coverage for your items so that way you can be reimbursed in the event of an accident. If you have very valuable items such as gems, chinaware, furs, or art consider transporting them in a personal vehicle.

Your moving expert is not obligated to pay for damages unless the consumer purchases full-coverage. If you plan on transporting anything worth more than $100 dollars per pound, inform your mover so you can discuss the necessary insurance options.

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