Ownesboro, KYGetting ready to leave your hometown of Owensboro? Luckily, there are numerous moving companies in and around the area that specialize in all types of moves. Long distance, small moves, or even military moves are just a few of the moving services that you may find offered. Opt for the services that best suit your needs.

Moving companies are usually very busy during the warmer weather months. When you go to schedule your moving day, make sure to do so at least five weeks ahead of time. This will make it more likely to get the specific date you want. It will also give you plenty of time to get everything situated.


What Can I Do to Prepare?

When it comes to getting ready for a move, you will find that there are so many different matters to be addressed. Between packing, cleaning, address changes, job transfers, and other matters, you may end up going crazy at the end of it all. When you hire a mover, you are allowing yourself more time to focus on matters not involved with the actual moving process.

If you decided not to take advantage of full packing services, then you should begin packing after you schedule the moving date. Pack up one room at a time; starting with the room you use the least. Label all boxes clearly and use the best packaging supplies. All items should be packaged securely as to avoid any mishaps during their transport.

Make sure that the house is free of clutter. When the movers arrive and begin loading up the truck, everything should be out of their way and easily accessible. You wouldn’t want the movers to get injured during the job. Have refreshments and snacks prepared for them if you want them to get the job done more efficiently. This will prevent them from leaving the premise during the task.

The movers will need plenty of space to park. Depending on the size of the truck being used, make sure that the street, driveway or parking lot has space for them. If you must, get a permit from the city so that they can park on public property.

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