PennsylvaniaMoving from Pennsylvania is a matter that could bring about a lot of headaches. Nevertheless, a reliable moving company can help. Regardless if you are moving a business, a home, a commercial property, or a small apartment, there will be a company to service your specific needs. Find a trustworthy Pennsylvania moving company with a wonderful reputation for being friendly and efficient.

After you have gathered quotes and found the right company it is time to start packing, unless of course, you decided to go with full packaging services. If you are packing on your own, start by packing one room at a time and make sure you have the proper packaging materials.


Proper Packaging Supplies


• Tarps
• Bubble Wrap
• Boxes in Various Sizes
• Tool Kit
• Scissors
• Razors
• Small Bags for Bolts, Screws, Etc.
• Cardboard
• Box Tape
• Newspaper
• Blankets for Wrapping Furniture
• Permanent Marker

While you are packaging everything away, make sure you label all boxes clearly. It is also wise to mark boxes that need to be handled with extra care as “fragile,” or “this side up.” Keep all electronics together with the cords that go to them. Cords can be placed in baggies and taped to the appliance itself. This also goes for furniture pieces such as screws and bolts.

All boxes should remain in the rooms they were packaged in. Start packing up the room that is used less in the home and keep the items that are used more frequently unpacked until closer to moving day. Make an inventory list. This will help you to stay on top of all your belongings so that you can check them off when you arrive to the new destination.

When it gets closer to the day where the movers arrive, clear out all hallways and walkways. Make sure there is nothing that could be of potential harm. Compare your inventory list with that of the movers if they have created one. It is best to be present on the day the movers arrive in case they have any questions or need anything.


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