Phoenix,AZIn such a busy city, it is hard to pack up and load a truck to move elsewhere. When you have a long distance move ahead of you, consider hiring a moving company out of Phoenix. There are many movers in the area that specialize in such moves.


Commercial or residential, there will be plenty of moving companies to sort through. Don’t just choose the one with the lowest quote. Choose the movers that uphold the best reputation with their past clients and years of experience in the industry.


Staying Organized


After you have booked your moving company and have the date set for the move, it is time to get everything else prepared. It is important that during this time you remain organized so that you are as prepared as possible for moving day.
Things to Do:


• Create a checklist of things left to do before the big day.
• Make sure you have purchased all of the right packaging supplies if you intend on packing yourself.
• Pack up one room at a time; starting with the room you use the least.
• Label all boxes and try to keep everything organized as you pack. Mark boxes with delicate items as “Fragile.” Keep all electronics together and put the cords in baggies. Tape the baggies to the appropriate electronic.
• Make a list of inventory. The moving company will often do this as well.
• Follow up with the moving company a week or two before the scheduled moving date.
• Have cash prepared and consider buying drinks and munchies for the movers as they load up the truck.

It is almost impossible to be completely prepared for the big day. Things will arise that you didn’t anticipate. Try your best to keep a level head and to write down anything and everything you can think of that must be done in preparation for the move.

It is relatively likely for even the most qualified moving companies to lose a box or item. To further avoid such mishaps, label all boxes clearly and take a box count. Also, you will want to take advantage of the moving company’s insurance. This will cover the items should they be lost, broken or stolen while in the movers’ care.

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