PocatelloIf you are looking for a reputable moving company in Pocatello, make sure to read customer reviews about the companies you will be investigating. There are some very reliable moving services available in this city and they will be able to provide you with outstanding service. If you find a moving company that offers their services for an unbelievable price, they are more than likely not legitimate.


About the Cost of Moving

Moving requires the proper training, experience and tools in order to make sure that things are done as they should be. A total cost is determined by a number of different factors including labor, weight and your insurance plan. A moving reputable moving company will have plenty of services, but all of them come at an additional fee.

Not every moving company charges the same price for their services so make sure to gather quotes from a few different companies. If your moving company does not offer estimate binding, look for another moving professional. Stairs and other obstacles in your home might also effect the cost of moving.


Tips for Making Moving Less Stressful


• Have all of the necessary packing supplies
• Designate a packing station such as a large table or counter top
• Minimize the workload by holding a garage sale or donating items
• Label every box and use colored tabs
• Pack one room at a time


What are Long-Carry Charges?

There are a number of additional charges that could apply to your move which is why you need to provide all of the small details to the agent who is trying to calculate a quote. If the movers are traveling a long distance from their moving vehicle to the house, you may be subject to a long-carry charge. If you have a garage, you can place all of your positions inside and allow the moving trucks to get closer by backing into a driveway.


What Might Reduce Your Movers Normal Liability?

It is illegal to transport any hazardous chemicals in any type of container without informing your mover first. If a consumer is found transporting hazardous items, they could face up to 5 years in prison and up to $250,000 dollars in penalties. If you are transporting hazardous materials, you are a hazardous materials shipper and will have to follow specific regulations.

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