Portland-ORWhen you need to move outside of Portland, hire a moving company that specializes in the moving type you have ahead. If it is a long distance move, hire a long distance mover. They will have the experience necessary to efficiently and securely conduct your relocation.

Portland has many reliable movers in the area. Find the ones within your vicinity and do some research online. Find ones with great testimonials, reviews and ratings. Any mover with a lot of negative feedback is better left alone. The moving company should offer services geared towards your needs and should be approved by the Better Business Bureau. They should also offer insurance for full coverage over your belongings.


Long Distance Moves

Long distance moving can be more of a hassle than a simple move within the same city. Moving companies that specialize or offer long distance moving services know exactly how to perform a move across the states. They have the proper trucks, movers and equipment to handle long distance moves.

A mover will make the transition easier on you. They will use their expertise and knowledge to get your belongings from one location to the next without any harm being done in the process. Some movers will have to have your belongings transferred into another truck midway through the relocation. It is important that you find this out and gather contact numbers for the movers conducting the process.


On Moving Day

On moving day, other than saying goodbyes and having all the boxes packed and ready to go, there are other matters that should be addressed before the movers arrive.


• Have cash on you just in case
• Have pathways cleared away for the movers throughout the home or business
• Make sure there is parking and if not, obtain a city parking permit
• Supply snacks and food for the movers if able
• Compare your inventory list with the mover’s
• Gather contact numbers and ask the movers when they think they will arrive at the new location
• Make sure that children and pets are not present during the loading and unloading processes

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