Raleigh-NCAs the capital of North Carolina and one of the fastest growing cities in the country, trying to perform relocation out of Raleigh can be a hindrance. Hiring professional movers is the safest way to move out of the city. Relocations of any kind can easily become stressful and overwhelming. If you wish to make the process as simple as possible, hiring a mover is the best way to go.

Movers handle all of the hard work during the moving process. They conduct the loading and unloading process, as well as the actual transport. You can even have them pack all of your belongings for you if you decide to purchase the full service packing option. If not, there are ways to go about packing to lessen the time it takes and to help keep things organized in the process.


Tips for Packing Wisely


• Begin packing at least five weeks before the scheduled moving date.
• Pack room by room, starting with the room you use the very least.
• Use the proper packing materials.

o Box Tape
o Assorted Boxes
o Bubble Wrap/Newspaper/Packing Peanuts
o Scissors/Razor
o Permanent Marker

• Have a garage sale or contribute items to those in need. This will lessen the amount of belongings to relocate. It may even make the move cheaper.
• Pack heavy items in smaller boxes. Never overfill a box or make it so heavy that it could bottom out, ruining the contents inside.
• Wrap every dish individually as you stack them in a box.
• Keep all valuables separated in different boxes and containers. Take these with you when you head to the new location.
• Take a picture of electronic hookups before you disassemble them. Then, place all screws and cords in a baggie and tape the bag to the electronic before packing.
• Mark all boxes clearly with the room they are to go in. You may even color code if you would prefer.
• Make a list of all your belongings. Having a list of inventory will help you to make sure all items arrive safe and sound at the new location. Even movers often make their own list. Compare the lists before they leave for the next location.

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