Rapids City-SDTrying to perform a move out of Rapid City can be difficult depending on where you’re located. With the city being so populated, trying to find parking and loading a truck can be a hassle. It is a good idea that when relocation is in the near future, that you begin looking into moving companies for hire within the area.

Start your search for a moving company by scouring the Internet for movers in the Rapid City area. Find the ones that appeal to you and that seem to carry a good reputation with past customers. Create a list while you are narrowing down your options of all the movers you would like to contact.


Five Characteristics of a Reliable Moving Company


1. Better Business Bureau approved
2. Insurance packages
3. State licensing
4. State-of-the-art equipment
5. Binding quotes


Getting Packed Up

Packing away your belongings so that you can get ready for the big day that is quickly approaching is always best begun about two months to five weeks before the scheduled moving date. This allows you enough time to pack away room by room. It is important that during this process, you package everything up appropriately so that it doesn’t risk harm when it is being transported.

Make sure that you have all of the proper packing supplies before you begin. Most movers will sell these supplies through the company, but you can get them at other stores as well. You can even collect some of the items from local companies in the area.

• Box tape
• Newspaper
• Bubble wrap
• Assorted boxes
• Razors/Scissors
• Foam sheets
• Permanent marker

By using these supplies and packing properly, you can almost guarantee that your belongings will be safe during their transport. Don’t overfill the boxes and when you stack dishes, put newspaper, bubble wrap, Styrofoam plates or foam sheets between each dish. Fill the remaining space of the box with packing peanuts, newspaper or old tee shirts and linens. This will help them from shifting around as they are being moved.

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