Reno, NVConducting a move out of Reno, Nevada can be strenuous and time consuming. In a situation where you may have to relocate your residence or commercial property, it is best to hire a professional moving company. They have trained movers that carry all of the proper tools and equipment to safely assist you in your relocation.

Moving requires a lot of preparation. It is suggested that you pack at least a month before the moving date if you did not choose to purchase the full packing services offered by the moving company. Try to keep a to-do list and an inventory list to stay organized of everything. Find a babysitter for any children and pets on moving day too. It’s best to prepare anyway you can in advance.


About Packing…

Packing is perhaps one of the most important steps in the entire moving process. To keep your belongings safe during their transport, you will need to pack them away securely so that they do not suffer harm as they are going to their new home. You can buy the proper packaging supplies from many places. Often times, the moving company will sell assorted boxes, box tape, bubble wrap, and other packaging materials. Some may even offer eco-friendly boxes and containers.

If you would like to pack up everything on your own, purchase the materials you need first. You can also save old newspapers, use old blankets, gather old tee shirts, and probably find permanent markers around your home to save money. You can even ask local shops if they can save boxes for you so that you don’t have to purchase as many, if any at all.


Packing Tips…

As you pack up, make sure that you wrap glassware and any other delicate objects in foam, newspaper, bubble wrap, tee shirts, or linens. You can even use packing peanuts to fill space between objects in the boxes to keep them from shifting during transport. It is crucial that you don’t overfill the boxes or make them too heavy. The boxes could bust during transit and the objects will fall to the ground if the box bottoms out from too much weight.

Label every box you pack up. Clearly write the room the box is to go in on the sides and even top. This will help the movers unload more efficiently. You can even mark boxes full of delicate items with “Fragile.” If a moving professional feels that a box is packed properly they will repack the items. Furniture and large appliances may even need to be disassembled and then reassembled for easier transport.

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