Rhode IslandRhode Island as small as it is, has quite a few reputable moving companies within the area. Find one that upholds a good repute for being reliable, friendly and professional. They should have years of experience and all of the proper equipment and materials to conduct a move proficiently. Check for ratings and reviews over the Internet for companies that you are interested in. this will help you determine what companies to contact for a quote.


The Day of the Move


On the day of the move, it is always best to be ready and organized. Have all boxes packed up and clear out the house from any other clutter that might cause the movers harm. Have your inventory list prepared and make sure that all boxes are labeled clearly. If you are worried about the flooring becoming dirty, have plastic or tarps laid down before they arrive.

It is important to find a sitter for any pets or children. You don’t want them running around on the day the movers are present. This will become a distraction and might cause too much chaos for you and all of those trying to help.

If you had the need to get parking permits, be sure to have them handy. If not, make sure that there is enough space for the movers to park and that they can easily access the home or business. They will more than likely need to pull the truck up as close to the front door as possible and release the lift or ramp on the back of the truck so they will need plenty of space.

Try to supply refreshments and snacks for the Rhode Island movers. This will not only keep them happy, but it will make them less likely to leave during the task. Make sure that before they leave, you compare your inventory list to theirs. Most moving companies will create their own inventory list.


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