San Diego, CAIf you plan on moving a long distance to San Diego, California, consider hiring a professional moving company to assist you. Many things can go wrong during a move, but moving professionals are trained to handle almost every situation known to disrupt a move. Based on the size of your move, your moving service will dispatch a team of qualified moving experts capable of getting the job done.


Transporting Hazardous Materials

Federal law requires that if you plan on transporting hazardous materials, you must notify your mover before your load gets transported. A different procedure must be followed when transporting hazardous materials in order to prevent a fire, explosion or contamination. Some hazardous materials include compressed gasses, explosives, radioactive materials, and paint thinners.


Common Moving Mistakes


• Forgetting to label boxes
• Losing the bill of landing
• Forgetting to make an inventory sheet
• Forgetting to ask for an estimate
• Not buying insurance


About the Inventory Sheet

Before your property can be transported, an inventory sheet must be made first. Your mover is required to create an inventory sheet of your belongings, but you should make an inventory sheet of your own as well. Once you have finished your inventory sheet, make sure to sign each page and then have your mover sign the document as well. Your mover will ask you to sign off on their inventory sheet, but you have to right to note any disagreements about the condition of your goods.


How to Avoid Damages

During transportation, vibrations can cause your belongings to shift around. It is important to make sure that all of your boxes are properly packed in order to prevent your items from smashing together and breaking. If you hear items moving around, repack the box just to be safe. You can use blankets, towels, pillows, bubble wrap, foam sheet and white packing paper to secure your items.


Less Work Means Less Money

One way you can cut the cost of shipping is to purge your home before packing for a move. Go through your items and separate things you no longer want or need. Moving companies will incorporate weight into the final cost, so ridding your home of unwanted items will save you money.

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