San Francisco, CAGoing about a move to San Francisco alone is a mistake you can easily avoid by contacting one of the many great moving services in California. Even if you have a small load, a moving company can offer their expertise to you which will make your move much more enjoyable. The best way to find the right moving service is to call around and compare companies. Make sure to gather quotes, ask about insurance and read reviews.

It isn’t hard to spot phony companies, but people have get fooled every day by failing to conduct the proper research. You can easily determine whether or not a moving company is legitimate by their website and how they conduct themselves over the phone. Another way to tell if you are being scammed is if they ask for a payment before the move takes place. Never pay for services until the move has been completed.


Pack Essentials Separately

Certain objects should be transported by personal means such as your driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, and social security card. Make sure to pack a few sets of clothes and items to conduct personal hygiene as well. You should also make sure to have a first aid kit at the ready in the event of an accident.


Give Your Mover All of the Details

You can get the best estimate by informing your mover about all the details of your home, your inventory and your expectations. If you have any large or awkward items such as a piano or a pool table, make sure to let the mover know before they arrive so that they can prepare all the necessary tools to get the job done. In some cases, a mover will need to call in for assistance in order to properly transport an item which may or may not affect the cost of transportation.


How to Avoid Moving Injuries

During a move, things can be moving pretty fast. A professional moving company will send out a team of well qualified experts to handle your property. Make sure to provide a safe work environment by clearing any tripping hazards. If you plan on helping the movers lift boxes, make sure that you keep the boxes close to your body and that you know your limits. Don’t try to lift more than one box at a time and always stay hydrated.

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