San Jose, CAMoving professionals in San Jose can make getting settled into your new home fast and painless. The goal of a moving service is to provide people with convenient transportation solutions and other services to make moving as easy as possible. Moving experts trained in San Jose are some of the best in the nation and help move thousands of homes every year. There are a lot of things that can go wrong during a move which is why it is always better to contact a professional for assistance.


When to Start Packing

If you know you are moving, make sure to contact a moving service at least one month in advance. After you have scheduled a ship date, the next step is to create a packing list. Your packing list should include everything you plan on transporting including the condition of your items.
You can minimize the workload by ridding your home of anything you do not plan on taking with you to your new home. Once you have created a packing list and determined what objects aren’t coming along for the ride, make sure to pack one room at a time starting with the largest room in the house. Your moving professional should have packing solutions for you if you want to avoid this part of the moving process.


Essential Tools for Packing


• Utility Knife
• White Packing Paper
• Towels
• Foam Sheets
• Blankets
• Markers
• Packing Tape
• Labels
• Colored Tabs


Staying Organized during Your Move

One way to stay organized during your move is to have a packing station. This is where all of your packing supplies will be located and where you can begin documenting your inventory. This best place to have a packing station is near the room in which your belongings will be stored before transportation.


Why Buying Insurance Is Important

In a lot of cases, your home owners insurance will cover your move. However, this doesn’t mean that the full replacement value of your objects is covered. Make sure to discuss about insurance options with your mover. If you want to transport high valued items, your mover will need to be notified and they must be included on the packing list. If you fail to produce a packing list, you might not get reimbursement for lost or damaged goods.

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