Santa Fe-NMThere are a number of moving companies in Santa Fe to choose from that are more than capable of helping you move to your new house. Professional movers can work fast and efficiently while taking all of the necessary safety precautions and implementing them in a fast pace environment. If you don’t have the proper training that is needed to ensure a safe move, make sure to contact a professional.


How are Household Goods Transported

Moving companies use enclosed moving trucks to transport things from one location to the next. The trailers are designed to give the objects on board a smooth ride by using air-ride technology. Air-ride trailers absorb the shocks and vibrations that occur while driving lessening the odds of damages.

Make sure to ask the moving company if your items will remain on the same truck during the move. In some cases, less than reputable moving companies will transfer your belongings onto another moving truck, but this can lead to damages or lost items. Professional moving companies operate on strict timelines so if you plan on taking a different route than your mover, make sure that you still arrive at the point of destination on time.


How Do Items Get Damaged During Transportation?

In most cases, moving companies aren’t to blame for when damages or losses occur. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes accidents do occur even when all of the proper steps are taken. You can prevent damages from occurring by making sure that all of your items are packed properly and that all boxes are labeled.

Typically, fragile items are what tend to break during transportation. Movers recommend transporting highly valuable items especially those that are fragile by personal means. If you purchase full-coverage on your items, the moving company is required to reimburse you for the losses. In very rare events, natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornados and even fires can pose a threat to your cargo. Moving companies are not required to reimburse customers that lose their goods in such an unfortunate event.


How to Handle Damages

You might not notice any damages until a few days of unpacking are over. If you find that something doesn’t look right, cross-reference the current condition of the item with the photos and video footage you took of their condition before the move. Once you have determined that damages have definitely occurred, contact the moving company and file an insurance claim.

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