SavannahThere are a number of great moving services in Savannah that can help you move to your new home. All too often, people make moving a much more complicated process than it needs to be. Staying organized might sound easy, but during a move it can be quite difficult. A moving service will be able to provide the necessary tools it takes to keep things moving at an efficient pace.


About Small Moves

A moving company can help with a number of different types of moves. One type of move in particular that they can do quite efficiently is small moves. If you are moving back home from college, you might need help gathering all of your belongings. A moving company can provide packing solutions and safe methods of transportation.

If you have things left in a storage unit that you would now like to bring inside of your home, a moving company can help you transport these possessions. Typically, a moving company in Savannah requires at least a one month notice before they can transport household goods. In the case of a small move, a moving company will more than likely be able to schedule a ship date at your convenience.


Signing the Proper Delivery Receipt

After a moving company has fulfilled its obligations, they will ask you to sign a delivery receipt. Before you sign the delivery receipt, make sure there is no language that states that your movers are exempt from liability. Anything that you place under the care of your moving service is their responsibility to some extent unless you purchase full coverage for the item.


Information Included on Freight Bill


• Credit Time Limits
• Discount Policy
• Late Payment Penalties
• Finance Charges
• Collection Expense Charges


Information about Payment

After discussing a quote with a moving company, ask them about the payment methods they accept. In most cases, a moving company will accept high freight charges by the use of a credit card. Before assuming this is method of payment is acceptable, make sure to verify the method in which your moving service would like to be paid for their services.

Your mover will require payment from you on the day of delivery. If you fail to provide payment, your mover has the right to place your belonging into storage until a method of payment has been provided. Once the bill has been paid, the customer might be subject to redelivery fees and storage fees.

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