Shreveport, LAThere is no doubt that moving is one of the most difficult tasks you can ever take on in life. Fortunately, a moving company in Shreveport can make moving to your new home and exciting and memorable experience. One thing that you’ll need to keep in mind about moving is that it requires a lot of planning. If you know you are about to move, start taking inventory of the goods that will be transported.


Packing Solutions


• Full Pack- A professional moving company can come to your house and package all of your belongings with the most up-to-date packing supplies on the market.
• Partial Pack- A partial pack is a when a moving team will come help package a portion of the workload.
• Fragile Pack- A fragile pack is exactly what it sounds like. A team of qualified moving experts will delicately handle your precious valuables with the proper care, package them and secure them on the moving van.


Making Move Day Safe

Move day is both very exciting and hectic. In order to make sure that everyone can work without risking injury, precautions will need to be taken. Your moving team will work best if the workload is located as close as possible to the work vans. If you have friends coming to help you move, make sure that you provide them with the proper work attire.

There are many ways people can injure themselves during a move, but one of the most common reasons for injuries is because of dehydration. When you’re removing objects from your home, you will be doing a lot of walking and lifting. Make sure to drink plenty of fluids and to offer beverages to the moving crew as well.

Keep a first aid kit handy for all the small scratches and cuts you are likely to sustain while moving. Your first aid kit should consist of antiseptic spray, bandages and adhesive tape. If you notice someone using the wrong technique while lifting, make sure to correct them.


Childproofing Your Move

Moving is much more stressful for families who will be traveling with children. When it comes to packing, make sure that you are taking it one room at a time. A child will be less likely to get into something if you are constantly present. Make sure to block off staircases and cover electrical outlets as well. If you have firearms make sure to keep them out of reach and try to use up your cleaning supplies before the day of transportation.

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