Southaven, MSAs the third largest city throughout Mississippi, Southaven provides the area with many wonderful and trustworthy moving companies. These companies all have their own services dedicated to helping your specific needs in the midst of a move. They will have everything they need to perform the move safely and timely.

It is always best to hire a mover with experience, a great reputation, and professionalism. Don’t go with the first mover to offer you the lowest quote. This will more than likely be detrimental to your move. You may lose belongings or things may acquire damage due to improper handling. It is always wise to research a company over the Internet before you hire them. You may also want to make some inquiries over the phone while talking to customer service.


Things to Look for in a Moving Company


• BBB approved
• Insurance packages are offered
• They have the services you need
• They offer binding quotes
• They are able to move on the day your prefer
• The movers have all of the proper equipment, documents and licenses to perform the move safely
• Their customer service should be friendly and helpful

After you have selected a company to go through, see what discounts you might qualify for and ask about insurance packages. It is always a good idea to purchase insurance through the movers so that your belongings are covered in the case of an accident.


Things to Do Right after You Set the Date


• Keep all documents that have to do with moving together in a safe place. Use a folder or binder to place the Bill of Landing and other important documents safely with you.
• Try to rid of as many things as you can to lessen the amount of things that will need to be moved.
• Begin packing one room at a time. Mark all boxes clearly and do not overfill them.
• Create an inventory list and take pictures of certain items that you want to make sure don’t end harmed during the transport. This will help you prove whether or not the damage occurred during the move.
• Arrange a sitter for moving day.
• Start all utility, medical, school and job transfers.

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