Stamford, CTOne of the biggest decisions you’ll ever have to make in life is whether or not to move to a new home. If you plan on moving, you should recruit the help from one of the many available moving services in Stamford. A moving professional will be able to evaluate situations during a move and have a quick solution for any issues that may arise. If you plan on embarking on your moving expedition alone, you will more than likely suffer losses and could possibly acquire injuries.


Why Purchasing Insurance is Important

It doesn’t happen often, but in some moves damages or losses can happen. If you have full coverage for your cargo, your moving professional will repair or replace the item. If you do not purchase insurance and something gets damaged or goes missing, the basic insurance might not cover the full value of the object. Your mover is only required to reimburse losses for customers who purchase full coverage.


What are Some Common Moving Mistakes?


• Forgetting to create a packing list
• Forgetting to document the condition of your belongings
• Forgetting to label boxes
• Failure to Pack boxes properly
• Losing the bill of landing


How to Prepare for Ship Day

Before your movers arrive, make sure that your house is ready for the moving team to work in. Make sure to remove any potential slip or trip hazards from walking paths. If there are areas of your house you do not want your movers entering, make sure to tell them and to provide an obvious walkway. All of your boxes should be labeled and placed in the largest room of your house so that the movers have space to work.

If your house has obstacles such as stairs, make sure to let your movers know ahead of time. Sometimes, extra tools are required in order to get the job done so if you have any objects of questionable size, let your mover know right away. Also, make sure you or the cosigner is available on the scheduled ship date to answer questions and give directions.

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