TampaMoving out of Tampa might not have been something you had anticipated in your future. Nevertheless, when the time has come for you to relocate your home or business, it is always wise to hire help. There are many experienced movers in the Tampa area. The key is to find one with a great price, years of experience, a professional reputation, and the services that you need.


Types of Services Offered by Most Tampa Movers


• State to State
• International
• Student Moves
• Military Moves
• Full Service Packaging
• Heavy Furniture


Items That Cannot Be Packed for the Movers

When you do finally begin packing away all of your belongings, which should occur right after you set the date for the day of the move, there are certain items that the movers are unable to handle.


• Hazardous Materials (Flammables, Fertilizer, Paints, Oils, Etc.)
• Valuables or Personal Items (Jewelry, Important Documents, Expensive Items, Photographs)
• Perishables (Food, Plants)

While movers are capable and allowed to move personal items and valuables, it is suggested that the owner of such items take them along with them during the move. This will assure that the items are safe. Even if you are going through the most reputable moving company available, you never know when there might be an accident. In which case, insurance won’t come in handy for items of sentimental value.


Safely Packaging Items

In order to get everything from Point A to Point B safely, you must properly package all of your belongings. Start by buying all of the right packaging supplies. More often than not, the movers will have all of these supplies available for sale.


• Markers
• Box Tape
• Bubble Wrap
• Boxes in Assorted Sizes
• Packaging Paper
• Scissors
• Razors

With the above materials, you can carefully package everything. When a box contains breakable possessions such as dishes, mark the box clearly with “fragile.” Wrap each dish separately and carefully place each item into the box. When the box is full, stick bubble wrap or packaging paper in any open space then tape the box closed securely. Do not over fill boxes or make them too heavy. This could cause for a major accident should the box bust open during transport.

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