Tulsa-OKTaking on something as big as a move, shouldn’t be done without the help from a professional moving company. In Tulsa, there are moving companies available to help assist you with getting your household items transported to your new home. Moving services help assist thousands of families every year and bring about great results with very few mishaps.


Protecting Your Valuables for Transportation

Packing your materials correctly is the number one way to ensure the safety of your items. You can also avoid damages by labeling your boxes and separating fragile items from non-fragile items. Moving companies are not only just great for transporting your goods, but they can also provide packing services as well.

Whatever is in the moving companies truck is their responsibility so they will not transport anything that isn’t packed properly. If there are items that need to be repackaged, you might have to pay an additional fee. Only allow the moving company to transport less than extraordinary valued items on their moving trucks. If you have any jewelry, artwork or firearms, consider transporting them by personal means.


How to Move with Small Children

Moving can be quite a headache, but when you throw young children into the mix it can be even more frustrating. On the day of transportation, make sure that the children stay occupied in a location away from where workers will be moving boxes. Make sure not to pack up all of their toys especially their favorite ones so that you can avoid dealing with a tantrum.

For the drive, make a portable DVD player available for them so you can avoid the question “are we there yet?’ every minute. Make sure to pack plenty of snacks especially for long moves so that you can avoid making too many stops. Consider utilizing overhead carriers so that your children won’t complain about not having any room.


When Is the Best Time to Move?

The busy season takes place approximately between May 15 and September 15. The reason why so many people tend to move during this time is because kids get released for summer vacation and the weather makes moving less challenging. A less chaotic, but still ideal time to move would be during the early spring and fall months.

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