Waterbury, CTMoving professionals in Waterbury can help make the transition to your new home an easy process. They have a number of services which were specifically designed for making the moving process less strenuous. Some people might only move once in their life, but this doesn’t mean they are experienced movers. A professional moving company has experts on board who know the ins and outs of the moving business and are ready to assist you in your move.


Types of Moves


• Long Distance Move
• College Move
• Residential Move
• International Move
• Corporate Moves

How to Pack Electronics

Before packing your electronic devices, make sure you refer to the owner’s manual first because there might be a specific procedure to follow. Try to find the original boxes your electronics were packaged in because other boxes might not fit properly. Some sensitive electronics might need to be placed in a climate controlled environment such as computers and TVs. Make sure that all of your electronics are covered with linen or packing paper so dust does not enter them.


Wear the Proper Clothes

In order to avoid injuries, make sure you are wearing protective gear. It is common to pinch fingers and toes while moving so always make sure to wear work boots with a steel toe and work gloves. Do not try and carry boxes in flip flops, heals, sandals, or slippers. If you don’t have any, consider purchasing personal protective equipment for you and for anyone that will be helping you move. Moving professionals are required to wear personal protective equipment as well, but will be provided by the moving company.


Staying Hydrated

Another way you might sustain injury is by not drinking enough water. During the moving process, you and the moving experts will be lifting and walking a lot. Have plenty of drinks available for you as well as your workers so that they can continue to work to the best of their ability. Working while being dehydrated is very risky because you might black out while carrying something heavy which can lead to yours or someone else’s injury.

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