Watertown-SDThe moving companies in and around Watertown, South Dakota have a large variety of different services to offer residents. This makes it easier to find one that can handle your kind of move. Then take advantage of any other services that you can or want to. For example, if the movers offer full service packing, this will ease up a lot of your time.


What Is Full Service Packing?

You will find that full service packing is offered by a majority of moving companies. This added service is option, but is good to take advantage of it if you can afford to. The packing portion of the moving process can be the most tedious.

When you purchase full service packing, the movers will come in on a prepared date to begin packing up all of your belongings. They will use cardboard boxes, permanent markers, razors, packaging tape, and other supplies to efficiently and safely box up your property. They will do so using trained techniques so that nothing is at risk during the relocation.


Moving Day Suggestions

The day of the move is probably the most hectic of them all. The process of getting everything loaded onto the truck and having the movers weave in and out of your home can be overwhelming. It is best to be ready for this day the best you can.


• Find a babysitter for children and either cage pets or find a sitter for them as well.
• Have the home cleaned up. Have entryways cleared to each room and make sure there is nothing in the way of the movers.
• Have a parking permit prepared if the movers must park on public property.
• Consider providing snacks and refreshments for the professionals as they work.
• Keep cash on you at all times.
• Be present while the movers are loading the truck.
• Ask the movers for their numbers and when they will arrive at the new location.
• Keep all valuables and essentials with you during the relocation. Movers prefer not to move anything of deep importance to the owner.

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