West Fargo-NDHiring a moving company is the most reliable way to get your things transported to your new home. If you want to ensure that your belongings arrive the same way they left, make sure to recruit the help from a reputable moving service. There are a number of moving companies in West Fargo that can make your move a positive experience.


What is A Visual Home Evaluation?

Moving companies go about getting a quote by taking a few things into consideration such as the size of the load they will be hauling and how far they will need to transport the items. To determine the size of the load, an estimator will come to your home and take inventory of the items you plan on transporting. Depending on the size of the load, you may want to consider purchasing full coverage.

Make sure to clean out crawl spaces, closets and cupboards of everything you want to move so that the relocation specialist can properly determine and estimate. To avoid being charged over the estimated cost, make sure you point out objects that you want to transport that are not easily visible. Once the moving company loads the moving truck the cargo will then be weighed which will give them an exact dollar amount for the shipment.

How to Avoid Injuries While Moving

• Wear the proper personal protective equipment.
• When lifting boxes, keep your back straight, look straight ahead and only bend at the knees.
• If a box is too heavy, make sure to call for assistance.
• Clear staircases and walking aisles free from slip hazards such as toys and liquids.
• Utilize the proper tools such as hand trucks for large appliances such as a dishwasher or a refrigerator.
• Make sure to stretch your muscles out before lifting anything.


When Do Moving Companies Require Payment?

Typically, moving companies will give their customers a choice of paying at origin or once the goods have been transported. Less than reputable moving companies will more than likely request that you pay a down payment for their services, but this should only be done if they offer binding agreements. Binding agreements will ensure that you pay no more than the estimated value of the move.

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