Wilmington, DETrying to move out of Wilmington is done wisest with the help of a moving company from the area. As small as Delaware is, there are plenty of trustworthy moving companies in the state. There are moving companies that specialize in small moves, military moves, commercial and residential moves, as well as other types of moving processes.

Depending on what you are looking for, each moving company will offer an array of services. Decide which services are best suited for your move. You may even consider full packaging services and insurance. Insurance is always a wise purchase considering you never know when an accident might occur and your property ends up lost or damaged.


The Right Way to Get Ready for a Big Move

If you have a long distance move ahead of you, there are certain ways you can go about preparing yourself that will only help assure that the move goes along as smoothly as possible.


• Create a list of inventory as well as a list of things to get done in regards to the move.
• Pack all belongings using the right packaging materials and make sure all boxes are clearly marked with the rooms they are to go in. You may also want to mark boxes full of breakables as “Fragile.”
• Clear out the place and make sure that the movers can freely and easily access all rooms while they are loading and unloading the truck.
• Make sure that there is room for the moving truck. If you must, obtain a permit from the city so that the truck can be parked on the street.
• Arrange for babysitters if necessary. It is best the children and pets are not around during moving day.
• Always have cash on you during the moving process.
• Provide water and food for the movers if you would like them to work more efficiently.
• Compare your inventory list with that of the movers and make sure that they know the address to the next destination. See what route they plan to take there and when they will arrive.
• Bring important documents and valuables with you to the next place.

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