Don’t Despair What to Wear: Getting Your Clothes Packed for a Move

If your life lies in your closet, you definitely want to make sure those threads are protected for the big move. Depending on the type of clothing, you may be dealing with some delicate items, and you want to make sure they are properly handled. Other items are versatile, and may even be used for other aspects of the moving process.

Separate Your Clothes

First, separate your clothes by type. For hanging clothes—especially suits, tuxedos, nice dresses, and uniforms—you may want to purchase a wardrobe carton. You can hang the items in that carton for safe transport. If your clothes will be stored for a length of time, seal the box with packing tape to ensure the safety of your clothing.

For items in drawers, pack in a box relatively tight, but not to the point of bursting. Seal up to prevent moisture from getting in the box.

You may want to use ancillary items like old shirts, pants, and socks as stuffing or insulation for other items. Just make sure you know what you have packed where so that your move remains organized. Do not spread out your essential items to the point where you cannot find anything after your move is complete.

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