MassachusettsA Massachusetts moving company can make the transition from you old home to your new home much easier. Moving without the aid of expert movers is a decision that can lead to costly mistakes. Many people will avoid contacting a moving professional in Massachusetts because they believe that nobody will care for their property the way they will. The truth is, moving professionals are trained extensively on how to properly handle even the most fragile items.


Common Moving Mistakes


• Losing Bill of Landing
• Forgetting to Take Measurements
• Overpaying for Packaging Materials
• Forgetting to Label Fragile Items
• Forgetting to Change Your Address


Packing Tips for New Movers

If you are a first time mover, the moving process might seem overwhelming. If you don’t take advantage of the packing service your moving company offers, there are a few things you will need to know. The most important thing about packing is to allow yourself enough time to get everything packed.

Many people use newspaper to wrap their items in, but newspaper can bleed ink. The best option when it comes to packaging your property is to use standard white packing paper. Avoid using boxes from grocery stores. Used boxes won’t be as durable and will more than likely be dirty.


Tips on Transporting Valuables

Everything that goes onto the moving truck should be insured. In most cases, your homeowners insurance will cover a move. If you created an inventory sheet and took photographs of your belongings, you will have a much easier time filing an insurance claim in the event of losses or damages. Make sure that your boxes are packed tightly to avoid breakage from vibrations during transit.


Preparing a Pet for a Move

Moving isn’t just stressful for you, but it is also going to be stressful for your animal as well. If your pet isn’t comfortable, your move will be much more stressful. Make sure to keep them on their diet and to stop regularly for them to do their business. If you don’t already have one, make sure to purchase a comfortable and sturdy carrier container for them. Your pet should also have a travel bag prepared for them containing items such as medicine, water and food.


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