Overseeing Your Move On Moving Day

Even though your interstate moving company may be providing full service, with the crew packing and loading all your boxes and furniture, it is still important for you to be on hand the entire time. While you won’t have to do any physical work, there are a multitude of questions that invariably arise during the move out, and for the sake of time and safety the movers must be able to quickly get a decision from you on each question. Plan to take off work and clear your schedule for the duration of your loading crew’s job, and look over the following to prepare yourself to oversee the move out.


Your moving crew’s goal is to get all of your possessions safely loaded aboard your truck, and a critical part of their success is having you on hand to help them. You know your own house best, and you are the best one to warn them about delicate furniture or artwork that requires exceptionally careful packing. If your crew runs into trouble moving an item or needs to dismantle a piece to get it out the door, you should be the one to make the judgment call about how best to proceed.

The long distance movers are protected by having you on hand while they load your items. If a dispute were to arise at the destination about a missing or broken item, the individuals that loaded the truck would be the first under suspicion if they could not refer to your close supervision throughout the process.

Unexpected Challenges

When everything in your house is removed, you can discover some surprises. An older home might be harboring pests in areas that you rarely visit, which will be disturbed by movers. It may turn out that a crawlspace or attic contains items to be moved that you forgot about initially. Finally, there is always the possibility that something in your home could be broken accidentally by movers. If you are not immediately available in these situations, the result is expensive delays.

No matter how thorough your planning and cleaning has been, moving day will be full of unexpected questions and judgment calls for you to make. It’s a mistake to leave these decisions to your movers. Until the doors of your moving truck are closed and you have sealed the lock, you should consider yourself the most important member of their team.

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