Packing Electronics For a Move

Aside from furniture, your electronics may be the biggest pain in the neck to move properly. Electronics are often heavy, delicate, expensive to replace, and difficult to pack.

Getting your computer, flat-screen TV, stereo system, Blu-ray player, and the jumble of wires and speakers ready for an interstate moving company can become an overwhelming logistical burden.

If you have a plan and a checklist, however—remember that the bedrock of every successful move is an arsenal of checklists—you can get those electronics to your new domicile with no stress and no sweat.

Organization is key when packing electronics. Take apart all the wires and connections first. Wrap them carefully, using twisty-ties or other methods to secure the cabling. Next, label each wire and speaker carefully and put all those items on a corresponding checklist. Your home theater and computer will be a lot easier to assemble if you perform this vital organizational step.

Once all those nasty wires are out of the way and packed, it is time to stow the big stuff. If an electronic item is obscenely bulky—a flat-screen TV, for instance—put it in the truck carefully, protecting the screen from bouncing around. Smaller items should be packed carefully with plenty of insulation.

With a proper plan, a checklist, a little organizational skill, and sterling packing, you will integrate your electronics into your home more easily and conveniently than you ever imagined.

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