MaineThousands of people move every year, but not every move is done exactly the same or has the same results. How happy you are with the way your move turns out significantly depends on the moving company you hire. Fortunately, there are many moving companies in Maine that can make your move a pleasant experience.


Tips on Lifting Properly


• Bend at the knees
• Keep back straight
• Have a clear walking path
• Carry boxes close to your body
• Don’t carry items on your shoulders
• Don’t twist while carrying objects
• Stretch before lifting

Tools to Have for a Smooth Move

There are a few ways you can make your move to your new home run smoothly. The tools you will be using will greatly affect the efficiency of your move. Make sure to have a hand truck so that you can lift heavy or awkward objects such as refrigerators, washers and dryers. Furniture pads are also another great accessory when it comes to moving. A utility knife and a tape gun are also very useful tools to have if you want a more time efficient move.


Different Kinds of Moving Containers


• Aluminum
• Steel
• Plastic
• Wood


Preparing a Dishwasher for a Move

Not all of the items in your home can be placed into a boxed, taped up and then put into a corner until the day of transportation. Other items such as a dishwasher require preparation. Make sure to disconnect the hoses and drain them. You can get your dishwasher dry much faster by leaving the door open. Once the hoses are dry, package them in towels or packing paper then place them inside of the dry dishwasher.


How to Prepare Clothes for a Move

Clothing is one thing that many people don’t put to much thought into for packaging. Many movers will stuff their clothes into a trash bag or fold them up and put them into boxes. There is nothing wrong with either of those methods, but it can lead to wrinkled clothes and an inconvenient unpacking process.


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