OklahomaIs it time to relocate outside of Oklahoma? Well, hire a moving company to help. This will allow you to refrain from manual labor and to lessen your stress level. Skilled and experienced movers will have everything they need to assure a safe and timely move. They will proceed with caution and make sure that all facets are addressed. As much help as this is to you, it is still wise to stay on top of matters.


The Process of Moving and How You Can Ease the Stress


By going through a middleman, you can avoid having to do research on companies in the Oklahoma vicinity. A middleman will gather quotes for you by using the information you provided them with. They will make sure that they only gather quotes from the most reputable companies around and those that the companies have services that meet your needs.
After you have chosen a moving company, give them a call to set a date for the move. Try to call and schedule at least a month ahead of time, even longer if it is during the warmer weather months. While you are on the phone with customer service, ask about the company’s services and decide which ones you would like to go with.


Common Services


• Commercial and Business
• Full Packaging Services
• Long Distance Moves
• Military Services
• Student Services
• Heavy Item Services (Piano, Pool Table, etc.)

After you have made your decisions and your moving date has been scheduled through the moving company in Oklahoma you chose to go through, start creating a checklist. A checklist should contain everything you need to do in regards to the move. This will help you stay focused and organized.


Begin packing up one room at a time. Start with the room you use the least and keep all boxes in the room they belong in. Label them with the room they are to go in and mark any box with breakables as “fragile.” Begin an inventory list to keep track of all your belongings. The moving company often creates their own inventory list too. Compare your list to theirs on moving day.
As the day for the scheduled move nears, clear out all entryways for the movers. Make sure nothing is hanging in their way and that there is nothing that they could potentially trip over. Find a sitter for any pets and children that you might have too. This will keep them away from the movers on moving day and create less stress.


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