Packing Your Shoes For A Long Distance Move

packing shoes

Packing Shoes For Your Move

If you have acquired a decent to massive collection of shoes over the years, then you definitely want to make sure they are protected during a move. Your shoe collection is a big investment: not only did they cost a lot of money, they are a part of your identity and how you express yourself to the world.

While wouldn’t ever damage your shoes, some other moving companies might!

When you relocate, there are a few awesome tips and tricks you can use to ensure your shoes are damage free. First, you need to decide what goes to the new home and what goes into storage. If part of your shoe collection is going into an attic, basement, storage area, or garage, then separate them by material: leather shoes especially may grow mold or rot with continued storage. Pack them in a manner that will protect them from the elements—perhaps a Rubbermaid container.

The shoes that go with you can be packed quickly, but should never be packed carelessly. Put them in their original boxes if possible. If you do not have them, then wrap them individually in packing paper before putting them in a box. Keep your box organized, with the toes pointing in alternate directions, to make sure you can fit in as many shoes as possible and ease the unpacking process.

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