Do You Need Short-Term or Long-Term Storage?

Look—you’re already moving from state to state. You will spend more money than you think. Your move is likely to go over your budget, take more time than you thought, and may give you a few more gray hairs than you need. If you find you do not have enough room for your stuff, however,

Packing Books Correctly For Your Interstate Move

Pay Attention, Lit Lovers: Packing Your Books Safely Every item in your home should be as easy to pack as books. They are all relatively the same size, right? It should be as simple as a game of Tetris: pack box-shaped items in the box, make sure those items are relatively well-insulated, and repeat until

Packing Your Shoes For A Long Distance Move

If you have acquired a decent to massive collection of shoes over the years, then you definitely want to make sure they are protected during a move. Your shoe collection is a big investment: not only did they cost a lot of money, they are a part of your identity and how you express yourself

How to Survive a Long Distance Move

If you are moving out of state, or out of town, then your move will be logistically hefty. It is likely that you will want to hire the right long distance moving company to keep things moving along smoothly. As you prepare for your big move, you will want to remember two words: planning and

Overseeing Your Move On Moving Day

Even though your interstate moving company may be providing full service, with the crew packing and loading all your boxes and furniture, it is still important for you to be on hand the entire time. While you won’t have to do any physical work, there are a multitude of questions that invariably arise during the

Packing Electronics For a Move

Aside from furniture, your electronics may be the biggest pain in the neck to move properly. Electronics are often heavy, delicate, expensive to replace, and difficult to pack. Getting your computer, flat-screen TV, stereo system, Blu-ray player, and the jumble of wires and speakers ready for an interstate moving company can become an overwhelming logistical

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